New commercial possibilities at Gouda Vuurvast thanks to the installation of a sliding roof in a fixed roof construction

18 July 2019

Gouda Vuurvast delivers and distributes fireproof materials for the industry. In order to be able to process bigger machines, it was necessary to provide for a larger acces to the pre fab shed in Wijnegem.


Blommaert was therefore asked to supply two 5x5 metre hatches that can slide open on the permanent roof structure. Each sliding hatch is also equipped with a skylight in order to provide the shed with enough light. The hatches are electrically-powered and operated from the shed.

Mobiel Schuifdak (1)

Given that Gouda wanted to use the roof quickly, it was important to work within the indicated timing. Thanks to a good coordination with the customer and the roofer, this project was delivered on schedule.

This realisation of Blommaert ensures new commercial possibilities for Gouda Vuurvast. The acces via the roof now offers them the chance to process larger machines in the shed, and thus to be able to do an even better job of offering their services to the customers.


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