Brickworks Vandersanden installs sliding roof to stock clay

26 July 2019

A number of raw materials used by the ceramics industry are best stored dry. This is especially true for white Westerwald clay. This type of clay is used specially for the production of white bricks.

In order to assure efficient delivery and removal of this Westerwald clay, the Vandersanden brick works in Hedikhuizen decided to install a mobile retractable roof on an existing box that was erected with concrete lego blocks.

Schuifdak voor opslag grondstoffen (3)

Thanks to the retractable roof, the basic materials can be kept dry at all times. The roof is 100% watertight. The dimensions of the box are 27.20 x 11.2 x 4 metres. The aluminium roof is operated with a winch and can be opened in less than one minute.

Blommaert handled the entire project. From measurement and engineering to the mounting of the roof.


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